Your PTA Board


Co-Pres Dani Froom

I am excited to be Co-President of the PTA this year. I belong to Triston (5th grade) and a daughter who is a senior at NAFO. Ever since we relocated to Fort Mill from CA the summer of 2016, I have been a part of the PTA by serving the last 2 years as PTA VP. I am very excited to be a part of this year’s board and look forward to working with them as well as the staff and parents to make this the best year yet!


Co-Pres  Tracy Thomas

My family is my inspiration in all I do! I love reading and encourage my kids to read as much as they can. My favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas because we usually get to see all or most of our out of town family during these holidays. I am also super excited to be Co-President of the PTA this year and just know we will all make it a GREAT year 




VP Amber Medic

The energetic cheerleader who never expected to be in the PTA, but is now the VP. Uses her nursing skills to stalk businesses for donations. Has a passion for babies of both the human and canine variety. Always up for a good pizza party







VP Nicole Burrage

The email queen who accidentally became Treasurer last year, and said there was no way again... is now VP because the board is so awesome this year! A nurse, a real estate agent, and a lover of Panthers Football!  Will come anywhere guacamole is served.. or cheese works too




VP Jennifer Mauro

“The Recovering Perfectionist”, but her favorite title is Lillie Kate & Luke’s Mom! Her plate is always overflowing because she has a hard time saying the word “no” it only made sense that she would become VP of the PTA. She loves making lists (and losing them) and is a planner who loves being involved at school...especially now that it doesn’t involve homework!




Treasurer Meredith Ball

 Also known as tall Marissa's mom. Using her professional training as an oboist to be a great PTA Treasurer this year. Will eat anything EXCEPT lima beans. Black cat, Fall, and Halloween enthusiast.






Treasurer Elect  Michelle Hohl

Late blooming homemaker and reluctant dog lover. When I’m not (or often while) watching tv or Netflix, I’m baking or attempting to sew. You might also finding me posting on my dog’s Instagram. Pennsylvania will always be my home but I’m so happy to be in Fort Mill so I can finally be the involved mom I’ve always wanted to be.         




Secretary Kristen Miller

More commonly known as “Victoria’s mom.” Went from Serial Room Mom to PTA Secretary. Loves all foods, especially Thai and Greek, cheese and chocolate. Taught for 7 years and loved it! Now stay at home and love it!




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