Your PTA Board


President Amber Medic

The energetic cheerleader who never expected to be in the PTA, but is now the President.  Uses her nursing skills to stalk businesses for donations. Has a passion for babies of both the human and canine variety. Always up for a good pizza party.




Treasurer Nicole Burrage

The email queen who accidentally became Treasurer last year, and said there was no way again... is now Treasurer again because the board is so awesome this year! A nurse, a real estate agent, and a lover of Panthers Football!  Will come anywhere guacamole is served.. or cheese works too.




Vice President  Michelle Hohl

She went from never volunteering in Pennsylvania to being book fair chair, webmaster and VP here at SES.  Spends her free time baking, playing with her goldendoodle and watching Netflix.       





Secretary Kristen Miller

More commonly known as “Victoria’s mom.” Went from serial Room Mom to PTA Secretary. Loves all foods, especially Thai and Greek, cheese and chocolate. Taught for 7 years and loved it! Now stay at home and love it!